Jaw-droppingly impressive and eye-poppingly memorable, pyrotechnic shows remain popular because of their consistent ability to wow and delight viewers of all ages.There isn’t a single one of us that hasn’t watched a professional fireworks display and thought “I wish I could do that.” Cool thing is – now’s your chance.

Turning your neighborhood block party into your own fireworks show, Firefly is going to be your most welcome party guest. The innovation allows you to fully design, musically sync and safely set off your custom fireworks display from your smartphone or tablet. Keeping you and your family at a safe distance at all times, the Firefly comes fully equipped, letting you become the go-to source for holiday fireworks.

Perfectly timed to your preferences and synced to your favorite music, Firefly lights up the dark sky at your command, making your night so much more than just another annual holiday celebration. Firefly lets you be the pyrotechnic legend you always knew you could be.

Find out more about Firefly and its awesome capabilities by visiting Shallowater Fireworks today. Our associates would be more than happy to show you all of the features of Firefly and how to quickly and easily set up your next personal fireworks display.

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